On the 23rd June 2016 the Spanish Army's FAMET celebrated there 50 Year Anniversary.

 One of the several celebrations taking place Year this Year was the Annual parade held at the FAMET Headquarters in Colmenar Viejo, North West Spain.


The Army Air-mobile Force ( In Spanish: Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra, FAMET) is the army aviation branch of the Spanish Army. An Independent Army Aviation force was formed in 1965, The Aviación Ligera del Ejército de Tierra (Army Light Air Force) was renamed FAMET in 1973.

With the completion of many key events and programs to help grow and establish the organisation

1966 was a important Year for FAMET. Although formed 1965, by 1966 the Battalion was growing and operational. On may 27th 1966 the flag was raised.



Colmenar Viejo opened in 1966 and one of the 1st two helicopters to arrive at the base was Bell UH1 Iroquois ET-206 on the 29th July 1966. Retired in 1992 the helicopter now takes pride of place in the base Museum.


This Year to mark the 50th Anniversary, The Spanish King Felipe attended the Parade flying in on a Air Force Super puma. His arrival was escorted by two Tiger attack Helicopters that had flown in from BHELA I at Almagro.


Tiger HA.28-08 ET-708 delivered to Bhela 1 at Ciudad Real/Almagro  in January 2015,

Seen here arriving at the El Vellon airstrip during the rehearsal for the FAMET Parade 2016


 The King was welcomed by the acting defence minister, Pedro Morenés, Chief of Staff of the Army, General Domínguez Buj, the head of the Land Forces, Lt. Gen. Gomez de Salazar, FAMET chief, General Garcia Blazquez and the Mayor of Colmenar Viejo, Miguel Angel Santamaria.

 The military parade began with the decorations of FAMET personnel and the delivery of "Coronel Maté" A Award of Brotherhood to FAMET Veterans , which participated in the ceremony. 


Overview from the EC135 Overwatch  top cover during the FAMET Parade 2015


In his speech, General Garcia Blazquez covered the history of the unit detailing figures of its activity during its half century of existence "These 50 years of brilliant history of course have to pay a high price. Having the first fleet of helicopters in Spain, flying more than 700,000 hours of flight, training more than 900 pilots, 1,800 specialists and 200 air traffic controllers, and deploy 2,400 troops in missions abroad us has meant leaving us on the way to 55 dead companions in action"





After the speeches and Parade a Missing Man formation was performed to mark the companions that gave their lives for Spain, Five EC135 helicopters in a formation called "the fallen angel" arrived over the base.

One of the EC135 leaves the formation to commemorate the one that never returns.


Missing Man Formation Tribute 2014


With the King, and everyone that had gathered for the 50th Milestone, the event came to a end with a fantastic Helicopter Formation flypast.

 After the event  the King Signed the Book of Honour on base and took a tour of the Historical Hall to complete the visit.



Photos taken below, Colmanar Viejo and El Vellon

22nd and 23rd June 2016