Jaguars at Night

RAF Cosford 26th October 2016

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The Jaguar’s, were front line ground-attack aircraft which was the result of a major UK/France collaborative programme, which followed agreement of a joint Anglo- French requirement in 1965. Entering active service at the height of the Coldwar these versatile aircraft saw active service around the world during their time as the RAF’s main attack aircraft. The Jaguar’s went on to replace the RAF’s Phantom aircraft and in 2003 celebrated 30 years of service. The Jaguars would then carry on in active service for another 4 years before ultimately being replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon. Rather than sell off or scrap these iconic aircraft the RAF moved around 100 of them to RAF Cosford where they have successfully continued to play a major part in supporting RAF’s second to none training and engineering programmes.

The evening saw 9  of the Jaguars participate in the shoot, these  included Single Seat, Twin Seat, Camouflaged, Grey, and of course ‘Spotty Jag’ XX119. The  session at RAF Cosford  started around 16.30 allowing us to be in place and ready for sunset. Then as the sun sets the lights were be turned on and adding further dimensions to the shoot with the addition of personnel, ground equipment.  As a major part of the Jaguars role is now supporting the RAF’s Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering  a cameo was set inside one of the vast hangars at RAF Cosford adding even more unique opportunities.