RNAS Merryfield Open Evening 2015


Naval Air Station Merryfield, the satellite airfield for RNAS Yeovilton, opened its gates to the local public on Wednesday, 10 June. Merryfield conducts a great deal of the advanced and continuation helicopter flying training for aircrew based at RNAS Yeovilton and, once a year, the gates are opened to the local community to provide them with a greater understanding of the flying that is carried out at Merryfield.


  The main flying activity should have started with a role demo from 846 sqn equipped with there latest helicopter the Merlin Mk3 helicopter. Unfortunately a popped window from the canopy meant a emergency landing was needed just as the demo was about to commence.




A Lynx then performed several manoeuvres often seen on a Daily basis above the skies of Ilton and Merryfield.

 It was nice to see the Royal Navy historic flight chipmunk then put on a display 

Ending the small flying display was a solo black cat  with the latest Wildcat helicopter.




As sunset approached the Evening drew to a close with the static helicopters lifting to depart back to Westland and RNAS Yeovilton 

The highlight for the few enthusiasts gathered was the appearance of  the

Italian Air Force,  HH-101A “CAESAR” 

currently on testing at Westlands in Yeovil where it was built.




Also the probable last appearence of the Sea KIng from RNAS Yeovilton