Rich Pittman / VLNPhotography reports from Naval Air Station Fallon


Many visiting squadrons visit NAS Fallon each Year to train Air2Air combat as well as Air2Ground missions over Fallons vast electronic and bombing ranges. Fallon also hosts the "Topgun" course, This course teaches and trains pilots, techniques which can be passed back to there individual squadrons on completion.

In addition to this Fallon hosts a tactics school for most aircraft within the United States Navy.

Fallon is basically the book on combat manoeuvres.



This F18 from the VFA105 Gunslinger taxies to the active runway at NAS Fallon on a mission as part of the the topgun course.




The VFC-13 Saints          "The ultimate Dog fight"


Fighter Squadron Composite 13 (VFC-13) based at NAS Fallon, Nevada provide adversary training for the US Navy fleet and the United States Marine Core. Operating the F5E/F Tiger these aircraft are painted in a number of schemes to simulate the baddies

A number of these aircraft have recently been obtained from the Swiss Air Force as they have relative low air frame hours compared to the older variants that were being used.


J-3026 was the First F-5E to leave Switzerland May 3rd 2003 with 1950 flight hours on the clock. Its now 76-1551.
in total  44 F-5E went back to the States, some were converted to F-5F.


Call sign "Bandit" these F5s often terrorise the visiting Squadrons visiting Fallon.

When it comes to Air2Air combat the Fighting Saints really are the best of the best!




NSAWC (Naval Strike and Warfare Centre)


The Naval Strike and Air Warfare Centre (NSAWC, pronounced "EN-SOCK") at Naval Air Station Fallon located in the city of Fallon in western Nevada is the centre of excellence for naval aviation training and tactics development. NSAWC provides service to aircrews, squadrons and air wings throughout the United States Navy through flight training, academic instructional classes, and direct operational and intelligence support.



 Thanks to PAO Zip Upham for his assistance and time on NAS Fallon