RAF Fairford  8th June 2015


 RAF Fairford hosted  a month-long training exercise in June 2015

During the exercise , United States Air Force B52 stratofortress and B2 Spirit stealth Bombers flew out of  RAF Fairford on long range missions as military personal train to receive deployment of aircraft within 48 hours in an emergency.




Icer 11 being prepared for flight on the Morning of 8th June

RAF Fairford was only be used for take-off and landing as all flying exercises will take place elsewhere,

flying to Exercise Sabre Strike 

 Air, maintenance and support crews from bases around Air Force Global Strike Command forward deployed to Royal Air Force Fairford, June 5, 2015, to participate in the multi-national BALTOPS 2015 Sabre Strike exercises.



Icer 11 Flight break into the circuit at RAF Fairford after there 1st mission of the exercise

During these exercises, B-52H Stratofortresses from Minot AFB will demonstrate the ability of AFGSC assets to project conventional air power anywhere, any time by conducting flying missions with European nations. This is the second year AFGSC has deployed assets to the European area of responsibility.

 Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirits visit  RAF Fairford 




Colon 11 flight waiting clearance to take off Runway 09 at RAF Fairford


For the 2nd Year in a row The Northrop B-2 Spirit, Stealth Bomber, has visited RAF Fairford on exercise.

This Year the American heavy strategic bomber has been flying very long range missions ending in a quick turn of around 2 hours at RAF Fairford. After a crew change the Aircraft have been leaving once more on a long range training mission back to Whiteman AFB in the United States.

After refuel back across the Atlantic the Bombers have continued on a undisclosed route before being noted landing back at Whiteman AFB.

This flight scenario lasted for 4 Days  from Sunday the 7th June to Wednesday 10th June. 

Call signs noted being used  were Path, Pants,Colon and Spirit. 




"Pants 12" lands on Runway 09 at RAF Fairford late on the 8th June 2015